Is German Language richer than English?

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Is German Language richer than English?

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Have you listened dialect specialists say that English has more words than other dialects? The claim is made but it’s for all intents and purposes incomprehensible to verify.

Steven Straight to the point, the creator of The Write Commandments claims that English has 500,000 words with German having approximately 135,000 and French having less than 100,000.

A web journal post for The Financial specialist concurs that English is wealthy in lexicon, but comparisons with other dialects can’t be made for a few reasons.

The least difficult issue in comparing the measure of diverse dialects is inflection.

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Do we check “run”, “runs” and “ran” as three isolated words? Another issue is numerous implications. Do we number “run” the verb and “run” the thing as one word or two? What around “run” as in the long run of a play on Broadway?

According to a later NPR article, “run” has at slightest 645 distinctive meanings!

When checking a language’s words do we tally compounds? Is “every day” one word or two? Are the names of modern chemical compounds words? Replying the address, “What is the wealthiest language?

Estoy, Estás, Está—One Word or Three?

Some dialects curve much more than English. The Spanish verb “estar” has handfuls of forms—estoy, estás, está, “I am,” “you are,” “he is” and so on.

Does that make Spanish wealthier in word count?

Some dialects curve much less (Chinese is broadly ending-free). So, whether we tally bent shapes will have a gigantic impact on last counts.

Moreover, numerous dialects continually construct long words from brief ones.

German is self-evident; it is a fool to coin a modern compound word for a modern circumstance. For illustration, is the German Unabhängigkeitserklärung—declaration of independence—one word?

Given the conceivable outcomes for compounds, German would rapidly exceed English, with the steady expansion of unused true blue German “words”, which Germans would acknowledge without blinking.

A Sentence that Deciphers as One Word

The Turkish dialect is comparative in this way.

Turkish not as it were packs words together but does so in ways that make entirety, significant sentences.

You compose it without spaces, articulate it in one breath in talking, it can’t be hindered with deviations, and so forth.

How Numerous Words in the Dictionary?

Glasses looking into an open bookAnother way of measuring the lexicon in a dialect and comparing tallies is by tallying the number of words recorded in a standard definitive lexicon in that language.

This is a list of lexicons considered definitive or total by inexact number of add up to words or headwords, included.

These figures do not incorporate sections with faculties for distinctive word classes (such as thing and descriptive word) and homographs.

So, which dialect is wealthiest in words?

Let us inquire a distinctive, and we think more imperative question:

Does it truly matter?

Whatever dialects you interpret or decipher in—Chinese, Japanese, Russian, sign dialect, or others—you are bound to have a wealthy body of words to work with.

But if you need to burrow more profound into the subject, check out Portion 2 on the Arabic dialect, in which we endeavor to reply the address, “How numerous words in the Arabic language?”

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