What is B level in German Language?

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What is B level in German Language?

Post by aishaa » 31 May 2023, 11:19

B1 - Intermediate level
Can understand the boss centers accepting standard language is used evidently and if the conversation revolves around unmistakable focuses interfacing with work, school, unwinding, etc.. Can manage most conditions experienced while going in a German talking country. Can convey really and clearly on normal topics and areas of individual interest. Can cover events and experiences, portray assumptions, dreams and goals, and give brief diversions or explanations to evaluations and plans.

B2 - Autonomous language use
Can understand the main substance of confounding texts on unambiguous or one of a kind subjects; furthermore handle specific discussions in their own particular point. Can convey out of the blue and effectively, enabling a common conversation with nearby speakers with insignificant effort on the different sides. Can explain their considerations evidently and comprehensively on a wide combination of subjects, can figure out a point of view on a new concern and express the advantages and downsides of various decisions.
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